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Posted on: September 10, 2015

What makes Castle Keep services unique you ask? We listen and accommodate to what a client may want.  Is it safe for 80 year olds to enjoy a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverages before a meal? Well it can increase chances of fatigue or a fall, but ask yourself what is safe? Safety can be provided in a nursing home, but would you compromise “safety” for quality of life? Our role at Castle Keep is to encourage (within reason) clients to manage risk with quality of life. So what do you think of having that glass of wine now? What does your personal retirement look like. Do you love pets, entertaining, cooking, gardening, going for a walk? All of this makes us who we are, and we want to know. We go so far as to connect our team with clients who we think will be a good “fit”. If a team member doesn’t know how to cork a bottle of wine and serve a glass, then they won’t be asked to help with Kate. Now that’s customized service!

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